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    Book Nook - Spring 2019

    As we set our sights on spring, while huddling inside playing and reading, here are some recommended books that can transport you to a warmer place, time, or season. Read more

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    Book Nook - Fall 2018

    Join the kids, teens, and parents across the state who are participating in this year’s summer reading theme: Libraries Rock! Read more

  • Book Nook -March/April

    Who says laughter is the best medicine? These books do! LOL through April — it’s National Humor Month Read more

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    Book Nook: November/December 2017

    Ever wanted to try your hand at writing a poem, essay, story, or novel? Well, no time like the present, because November is National Novel Writing Month. Read more

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    Book Nook: September/October 2017

    National Comic Book Day is September 25. Join the celebration and the current comic craze by reading a graphic novel this fall, which may feature animals, kids, teens, or superheroes Read more

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    Book Nook

    When Shark Week is not enough, take a bite out of these books featuring the sometimes fearsome, sometimes fearless, and sometimes friendly fish. Read more

  • Book Nook - New Year Baby

    Happy New Year, Baby!

    Ring in the New Year by welcoming the newborns of 2017. You’ll find babies galore in the books below! Read more

  • Fall books

    Falling for Good Books

    Apple cider, changing leaves, and the start of a new school year – embrace the signs of autumn with this cornucopia of books! Read more

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    Halloween Books

    Move over, Frankenstein. Make room, Mummy. Take a hike, Wolfman. There are some new monsters in town. Delight little readers with these spooky, silly, furry, and ferocious beasts and their tales – and tails! Read more

  • Electrical Wizard

    Fizz, Boom, Read! -- feeling scientific?

    Feeling scientific? You’re in luck! New York State’s Summer Reading Program is encouraging families to check out books that combine science, creativity, and imagination. Visit your local library to see how you can spark a reaction! Read more

  • Xander's Panda Party

    Black and White and Read All Over

    Penguins and pandas and raccoons, oh my! See the world in black and white with tales about critters who are colorful in their own ways. Read more

  • I'd Know You Anywhere

    Spring is in the air

    The grass is growing, the trees are budding, and the flowers are opening. Take a spring break in the garden with these reads! Read more

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