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  • nicu

    Strategies for Coping when your Baby is in the NICU

    According to the March of Dimes Foundation, one in nine babies is born premature each year in the United States. When my own baby was born at 26 weeks, l learned firsthand how important self-care was during this difficult time. Read more

  • tummy time

    The Benefits of Tummy Time

    Since the “Back to Sleep” campaign was initiated in 1994, SIDS rates have declined by over 50 percent. That’s good news. Still, there’s a downside. Because babies are sleeping on their backs , they may not be spending enough time on their tummies. Read more

  • Choosing a doctor

    Finding Dr. Right - Choosing a Primary Care Provider

    First-time parents have so many decisions to make and often can get overwhelmed with well-meaning advice. One of those decisions is choosing a primary care provider (PCP) for your baby. Read more

  • baby with pacifier

    Parting with the Pacifier - How to Break the Habit

    Whether they’re crystal clear, neon-bright, or covered in rhinestones, pacifiers are the modern baby’s accessory of choice. Read more

  • baby sleep

    Hello, Baby... Goodbye, Sleep

    Along with the many surprises of early parenthood, many new parents find themselves puzzling over their baby’s sleep patterns. Is she sleeping too much? Is it normal for him to feed so much at night? Read more

  • ar13-baby-oils.jpg

    Homemade Baby Oils & Salves

    Your baby’s skin is his or her largest organ and with all the newness of being in the world, it’s no wonder her exposure to it can show up in the form of eczema, rashes, and even pimples (the latter being primarily hormones). Read more