Special Needs

There is a wealth of resources available in our community for parents who have children with special needs – you don't need to feel you are alone. It's that community support which inspired us here at GVP to provide an annual editorial and resource guide and constantly grow our web site to focus on those support agencies, give a voice to area parents, and help you stay educated and informed.

  • Special Needs campers

    Camp for Your Special Needs Child

    Camp is a fun part of summer for thousands of children each year. But what about your special needs child? Will he miss out on experiencing camp? He doesn't have to. Read more

  • Special Needs Allergies

    Food for Thought // kids & food allergies

    For the parents of the roughly six million American children living with food allergies, going to school means another, more daunting task: keeping their children safe at school from the potentially life-threatening allergic reactions that can arise Read more

  • Special Needs Sports

    What to consider for children with special needs

    The importance of extracurricular activities cannot be overemphasized, particularly for students with special needs who are mainstreamed because it provides an opportunity for them to learn new skills, improve their talents and self-esteem. Read more

  • Special Needs Birthday

    Birthday Parties and a Child with Special Needs

    Raising a child with a special need certainly has its ups and downs. An impending birthday party, either for your child or a peer, can be a roller coaster ride of emotions for both you and your child. Read more

  • Special needs and sleep

    Snoring, sleep & special needs

    Many children with special needs also face significant sleep challenges, a draining double-whammy that leaves millions of parents and children exhausted. Read more